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Mountaineering shoes maintenance

2018-11-02 13:57:21    Read:269

Keep your shoes as clean as possible, especially after each activity, at least brush the dirt off your shoes with a soft brush. Most materials of shoes can be washed with neutral soap and water (be careful not to wash with detergent casually). Wet shoes will drain water and put newspapers in a cool and ventilated place. Do not use fire or dryer to dry them. This will damage the material of shoes. The shoes are clean and clean, and the shoes are removed and cleaned. When the shoes are dry, apply leather polish to the skin. When applying leather oil, gently spread it evenly with your fingers, help the leather absorb the oil through body temperature, and pay special attention to the oil on the suture. Shoes (especially the leather part) should be maintained regularly. It is best to form a habit of cleaning and maintenance immediately after each activity. When shoes are not in use, place them in a dry, constant temperature and less dust place, so that they can be more durable and keep in the best condition. After all, shoes are a sharp tool for outdoor activities. In addition to providing comfort for the feet, they also protect the feet from sports injury.

How to maintain mountaineering shoes on the way?

Maintenance experience, travel process, water will invade from the shoe mouth and seam, it is best to use leggings to prevent water from invading from the shoe mouth, and waterproof agent can improve the waterproof degree of shoe upper and seam, newly purchased climbing boots need to be repeatedly smeared with waterproof agent for a period of time, while climbing boots must be kept dry and clean, waterproof agent must be smeared and sewed up. Line and pinholes, water repellent should be applied to the upper one to two days before the start of the activity to make the leather absorb completely. The leather is dark brown, and the manufacturer should pay attention to the matters needing attention. The mountaineering boots of nylon cloth can be sprayed with silicon-based spray because of the difficulty in waterproofing the holes, no matter what boots should be kept dry and refreshing. State.

How do you normally maintain mountaineering shoes?

The properly maintained climbing boots can last for several years. The experience of climbing boots maintenance is that they are often cleaned to avoid mildew. After each cleaning, they must be covered with forks or newspapers to keep the boots dry. The drying process of climbing boots is avoided in high temperature. The wear rate of the soles is faster than that of the upper. Generally, high-priced climbing boots can be replaced with soles. The updated boots will be tighter because the vamp has changed the original size.

Whether you choose a suitable pair of climbing boots, you still have to try on walking for several days, walk around your house for several hours a day, gradually pull a long distance. If blisters appear on the soles of your feet, try to add an extra pair of socks. If blisters appear on the top of your feet, wear thin socks or pull out the insoles, heel abrasion, tie the shoelaces tightly, if ankle bruises, laces. If the metal hook grooves are not fastened to the top, change shoes if they are invalid. Read carefully the manufacturer's use and maintenance precautions.

What else should we pay attention to for mountaineering shoes?

Leather products maintenance experience: keep clean, do not touch any adhesive mentioned, thick mud let the wind dry and clean. Do not use fire to dry mountaineering boots, leather will dry, wrinkle and adhesive will heat the bottom of boots and melt it. It is very important to spray fungicides in boots to prevent mildew and deodorize, keep clean socks and clean feet clean. It is better to wear two pairs of socks, one is woolen socks, the other is synthetic fibers, so as to reduce the friction between socks. The thin socks in the inner layer will transfer sweat to the thick socks in the outer layer and the thick socks can be absorbed with the boots. It should be insulated and stockings should not be too thick or too thin.

1, if the vamp is dirty, do not wipe it with dry cloth, and wipe the fine dust into the upper fiber.

2, the most important thing is to wear what shoes to do, and don't play hiking shoes.

3, when washing, do not use too much force, nor do you use hard brushes.

4, waxing. It is mainly aimed at the stitching parts of shoes and the bonding parts of different materials. This is the weakest link.

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