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How to Choose Safety Shoes

2018-11-02 11:38:59    Read:201

1.Safety shoes should be designed to be non-slippery, not only to protect the feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by operators slipping.

2.Check or test safety shoes carefully before using them. In electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and cracked shoes are dangerous.

3, safety shoes should be properly kept after use, rubber shoes should be washed with water or disinfectant and dried to extend the service life.

4, a variety of different performance safety shoes, to achieve their own protection performance of the technical indicators, such as toes are not injured, the bottom of the foot is not stabbed, insulation and electrical conductivity requirements. But safety shoes are not everything.

In addition to choosing the right type according to the working conditions, safety boots should fit and be comfortable. It is important to carefully select the right size.

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